Alchemy is a one day travelling pop-up festival, making it's way across India. An evolving experience curated with a keen focus on quality sound, immersive lighting and spatial design. We explore a unique location with each edition and invite some of the finest underground electronic artists and collaborators from around the globe to showcase their craft against the backdrop of bewildering art installations and enchanting flea markets. A gathering of like-minded individuals seeking to journey into numinous realm, a vivid dream that turns into reality by metamorphosing aural, visual and spatial elements to birth a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Sacred Alchemy

Sacred Alchemy is a modular club night curated by the label and hosted at premier venues for underground electronic music across the country. A ceremonial gathering of alchemists from Qilla and distant lands alike, conjuring spells to reveal the boundless realms held within the fort.