Sacred Alchemy

The concept of Sacred Alchemy came from a desire to pay detailed attention to and fuse together individual components of sound and space to create an immersive experience that's greater than the sum of it's parts.

The first chapter of Sacred Alchemy took place in basement venue Antisocial, Mumbai during the ADE Mumbai week; the following one was at the open air and beautifully designed Beats Per Minute in Hyderabad.

Sound is a primary and essential factor of the entire experience and in Mumbai TW Audio stacks from Sound Redefined were installed for the evening with attention paid to eq-ing through the night to get the best of out of the powerful and crystalline sound system. In Hyderabad, Sacred Alchemy was powered by BPM's in house custom-made sound system from Bangalore based Prym Audio.

Bringing the console down to dance floor has been a consistent feature, a conscious decision taken to create an optimal and intimate club gig environment and for the dj to be able to connect as closely as possible with the energy of the people around him.

No two Sacred Alchemy experiences are ever exactly the same, as we work with the advantages and constraints of each individual venue to create a unique variation every time.